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Wowing Customers with Window Displays


Think about the last time you were walking past a store. Did the windows entice you to even glance inside? Or was it just another run of the mill clothing store? Maybe a small sign indicating there was a sale. Like every other store, ever. Improving your traffic and sales starts with your window displays, and if you don’t capitalize on the traffic walking by outside then capitalizing on the traffic (or lack thereof) in your store isn’t an optimal use of your time! Let us show you that MagicInk is the right partner to market your product to potential customers through window displays; we’ll help you entice them to walk through the door, take a closer look and become the delighted!

Why The Window?

As you look at your window display, you want it to convey your brand’s style, content, and price in such a way that it attracts new consumers to take a closer look. A closer look means a step inside, and a step inside means a step closer to a sale!

Steve Madden

Steve Madden Fifth Avenue Flagship store was looking for a fun and exciting solution to engage their customers that could be updated regularly without having to physically replace a graphic. Combining projection technology and gesture based software; they were able to create a truly unique display to “WOW” their audience. This has given them a stronger presence when it comes to attracting foot traffic, and that presence gives them the opportunity to greatly increase the amount of shoppers, and sales, they get each day.

Click the image below to see Steve Madden in action!

Steve Madden Window Display MagicInk Interactive

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss was interested in utilizing a digital display solution in their corner window at their SoHo location. This window was perfectly situated to have a MagicWall configuration to form a large, portrait display perfect for displaying runway shows and branding videos to consumers walking on Broadway. Using high brightness displays with ultra thin bezels, Hugo Boss was able to have feature a large, impressive display at this location

Click the image below to see Hugo Boss in action!


Window Displays are just the first step in the creation of an overall retail store display strategy; make sure that your strategy encompasses all aspects not just one. 

MagicInk Interactive is your solution to dull window displays that do little for your brand’s image. They take your product and use relevant creative ideas that fit today’s market to convert consumers into buyers. Turn that missed opportunity into new customers today!