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MagicInk Interactive excels in developing a strategy to take any project from concept to execution while maximizing the reach of your brand. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve in regards to technology, application and creative. While combining state-of-the-art technologies and a complete understanding of the industry we are focusing on, we will custom configure a unique branding experience that will set you apart from your competition. From initial conception and strategy, engineering a unique system, hardware solutions, software applications, creative development and asset integration, installation and maintaining all areas once the project is launched, we do it all!

MagicInk Interactive’s revolutionary software packages enable you to control and manage every facet of your onsite digital media, from ads and promotions to the customer experience. Utilizing the Online Platform gives the ability to control content, schedules and experience for all locations from a remote location. Our systems can even control interactive environments from touch to motion detection. Through several different software applications, MagicInk is sure to have the right fit for every need!

MagicInk Interactive can track numerous interactions on all web/mobile and interactive campaigns. We provide comprehensive analytics that we use to modify current and future campaigns with the goal of increasing target audience reach and improving ROI.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a great tool to personalize the interactive experience with unique chips for any person, occasion, item, etc. These microchips can be embedded in almost anything and can be uniquely programmed so each chip can produce a different experience when the interactive display is approached. These are great tracking tools as well and will surely enhance the experience.

Connect directly with consumers who are interested in the product and services being promoted with web and mobile design and development. We will handle the competitive analysis of your existing site and competitors sites, design of the physical website, development of all back end operations, as well as launching a full SEO site to be proud of. From traditional web and mobile sites to interactive take- away experiences and e.commerce, we do it all!

MagicInk Interactive has an extremely talented team of installers, engineers and electricians to handle all aspects of any physical installation. We work directly with architects, misc vendors and property managers to ensure everything is up to code, properly ventilated, color balanced, aligned and looking the best it can. MagicInk Interactive also partners with several different unions for any union installation. Let our team ensure everything is installed correctly the first time and that it looks amazing!

The key in social media is to establish the voice of the brand. Once the strategy is fully developed and executed, we constantly evaluate, update and enhance your brand-consumer conversation. MagicInk Interactive will assist in tracking imprints, organize and understand analytics, maintaining your marketing voice in a consistent manner and incessantly adjusting the road map to maximize reach and constantly improve brand awareness.


Photos and videos are the most frequently viewed elements on smartphone, tablet, traditional website or digital signage applications. MagicInk Interactive produces and executes photo shoots, video shoots, retouching services, video editing from start to finish - for any application. We specialize in creating engaging and memorable assets for any type of application guaranteed to tell an amazing story.

For Examples of our Video Work, Click here.

For Examples of our Photography, Click here.

Contrary to popular belief, flash applications and animations are alive and well. Flash has transitioned from web applications and now allows our designers to create interactive applications on a larger scale with complex animation and video design. Flash is still a very robust tool that is used to create something truly unique.

Utilizing Motion Graphic design is essential to create dynamic and engaging messaging for your brand. This combines video design with static animation to take a simple message and really allow it to POP.

MagicInk Interactive has a full service design team to lay out, design, illustrate and graphically treat any look for web, mobile, display, app and interactive purposes. Our in house staff have a wide range of capabilities and can help you with any design related need.

MagicInk has designers that are specific to design for web and mobile applications. We have the ability to take cutting edge design and match it with the development process to ensure that the look and feel of your site stays consistent across all platforms. We have the capabilities to do traditional and complex design based on the needs of your site and excel in responsive websites to continue your branded look across all devices and browsers.

MagicInk has a team of skilled designers, coders and developers to transform any experience into an engaging, interactive application. Let us design and develop touch screen interfaces, responsive wire frame mobile sites, landing pages, displays that react to your every movement and so much more! These scalable solutions are guaranteed to “Wow” your target audiences by letting them drive their own experience.


High Definition monitors are the perfect solution to any display need. These incredibly crisp displays are amazing for stand alone applications or tiling ultra thin bezel displays together for a large and impressive MagicWall configuration. With varying levels of brightness, these displays can be utilized in retail locations as well as outdoor and window displays to combat the sun for a truly spectacular image. These displays also work extremely well with touch enabled overlays to transform this solution into an interactive experience.

If you’re looking to apply digital visual imaging technology in oddly shaped spaces, projection is a viable option for you. With key-stoning and edge blending capabilities, projection technology is an ideal way to adapt your image to the location, despite shape restraints. It’s also optimal for images on arched surfaces, ceilings and floors, bringing the entire space to life.

Times Square! Las Vegas! Miami! Your location! LED technology is extremely bright and the perfect solution for massive displays to appear as one major image. LED Technology comes in various forms for several different applications. It can be completely bendable to offer amazing solutions for unique setups. These are perfect for outdoor displays, billboards, stadiums and so much more!

MicroTiles provide the capability to capture your audience’s attention – your way, just as you envisioned it, without having to worry if there is a technology out there worthy of displaying your content. These displays utilize spectacular colors, superior image quality and modular flexibility like no other visual solution can. With extremely thin bezels and a combination of DLP and LED technology, these displays will surely bring a higher level of elegance and excitement to any location. These can also be stacked to create many different display configurations, display your creative in extremely high definition as well as produce match pantone colors through their color-correcting package.

Teamed with our sister company, ADSPACEink, we have the ability to fully transform any environment across all mediums. As a full service print marketing company, ADSPACEink’s team can help with pairing beautifully produced print pieces to accompany any digital message. From printed mailers promoting online/interactive experiences to large vinyl adhesive to frame digital displays, our team can do it all!

Our premier marketing tool has finally arrived. The Magic Card combines print and digital elements to create the perfect mixed media tool – guaranteed to get your brand noticed. This card has many customizable elements from varying sizes of LCD screens, finishing options, pockets, magnetic closures, orientation, chapter buttons, and more! The battery powered screens allow you to add customized video content in a flash with our “drag and drop” feature; all you need to do is plug the card into any computer. Let us create this impactful leave-behind today!


Once a site is designed, developed and launched into action, the finale of having a successful site is far from complete. MagicInk Interactive is dedicated to updating, maintaining and enhancing your site to monitor for broken links, as well as tracking analytics, attracting unique clicks and keeping your brand fresh and innovative to all your followers.

For every digital and interactive application we design, engineer and install, MagicInk Interactive will put together a customized maintenance contract that will cover you if anything goes wrong with the hardware or software provided by our team. The parts will be under warranty and the service will be included in the contract. If anything goes wrong, technology or human related, MagicInk Interactive’s team will be there to troubleshoot right away!

Through online platform management, our team is here to assist with the content distribution of all new creative to all locations in the blink of an eye. Utilizing remote solutions gives us a lot of flexibility in launching new campaigns, creating schedules, monitoring current playlists and pushing time sensitive material (based on availability, weather, promotions, etc) instantly. MagicInk Interactive can also assist with equipping locations with new, up to date creative by means of DVD production with auto play features, SD card duplication, and fulfillment of these assets.

Social Media is an extremely powerful tool to keep constant communication with your target audience about your brand and product. Allowing these brand-consumer conversations take place on multiple social platforms allows you to directly inform your followers of new promotions, products, campaigns and thus increase brand reach which will ultimately assist in driving new transactions. Let us help develop and execute the proper strategy through promotions, contests, engagement, SEO and analytics to take your brand to the next level.

Content Marketing pairs creative development and marketing strategy to constantly engage your consumer across several different platforms. These strategies include email blasts, social media, direct mail campaigns, advertisements, website updates and more. We will assist with creating the appropriate message and imagery to stand out and really be heard.