MagicInk Interactive

The Importance of Design


Making your retail store displays visible enters you into the competition, but doing so is not a move in the game quite yet. Now that you’re playing, though, it’s important to consider what steps you will take to show your customers you’re leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors. Proper design implementation is the first step. Your brand is like a cover letter. Before your customers get to know your brand and interact with you on a personal level, they want to see what you’re all about. That means you need to give a strong and dynamic first impression, showing them who you are and what your brand stands for. However, like a cover letter, brand design takes thought, time, professionalism, and the right voice. So, what can you do to make your brand design stand apart from the competition?

Creative Engagement: Dynamism, Relevance, and Cohesion

Creativity is key. If you’re just copying what the others are doing, you aren’t really engaging the customer; you want to make sure your retail store displays catch your consumer’s eye and gives them a memorable experience. Your brand should generate that unique ‘voice’ that sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. Just having a fading image slideshow won’t cut it. Having engaging displays gives your customers something they want to look at. With them, customers receive an immersive experience. Engaging the customer lets them be a member of your community. There are three interrelated points that provide an engaging, unique experience for your customers: relevance, dynamism, and cohesion.

Having a Product with a Life of its Own

Having dynamic displays draws in your customers. They create an environment that keeps your customers focused, aware, and interested. Constantly changing displays make all the difference between flat, linear merchandise and something complex and well-rounded that gives the impression that there is more to it than just what your displays have to offer.

Remember, Stay Unified

You want to make sure that you aren’t sacrificing thematic unity for dynamics. What is it that makes your brand unique? Is your brand something fun and playful? Powerful and moving? Relaxed and restful? Elegant and mature? Whatever it is, make sure your displays reflect those brand qualities. They should be relevant and cohesive to your brand image. You want to make sure your entire store showcases your brand and that each piece presents itself as part of a whole. Your retail store displays should provide a complete experience for your customer.

Making Sure Your Brand Stays

Standing out is the first step to making sure your brand is here to stay. In order to do that, it is important you hit on the three points listed above and engage your customers. Without this, you’ll never create unique branding that’s here to say. We’ve had a lot of practice at this and know just how to make you look and feel apart from the competition. We can produce unique configurations that frame out your store or fixture and keep them tight, cohesive, and representative of who your brand is.