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The Art and Science of Window Displays


Overlooking the importance of your window displays is, without a doubt, one of the most fatal errors you can make. A traditional brick and mortar storefront faces the important obstacle of creating and maintaining a high ‘capture rate’: that is, physical retail stores need to ensure that people passing by actually come into their store. An unmarked front with no signs indicating it as a store will surely get very little traffic. Similarly, a store with a poorly designed window display that doesn’t reflect its product offerings will procure little more traffic. As the first impression given to potential customers, it’s important that your window display not only show passersby your product offerings, but also their caliber and desirability.

What Makes a Window Display Successful?

Window retail store displays aren’t just about marketing your products, but about how you market them. The idea is to give your products life and meaning beyond their immediate purpose. Eye capturing window displays incorporating popular elements, for example, will help draw attention to particular products while associating them with other enjoyable cultural aspects. Conceptualize your window displays as an attempt to let your products permeate into the lives of viewing consumers. The more people you convince that your product is meaningful and relative, the more foot traffic your store will have. Window retail store displays enter you into the game by giving you the opportunity to actually sell your product.

Digital Store Displays

Trends are a definite factor in determining a successful window display. Trends themselves both dictate, and are dictated by, consumer preference. Additionally, trends are seasonal. This creates a difficult financial barrier, especially for younger businesses. If you don’t keep up with marketing trends you’ll surely fall behind in sales, but if, on the other hand, you need to frequently change your window displays, you may find yourself spending larger amounts of money than is comfortable. Digital store displays are an amazing avenue for straddling both cutting edge retail store displays and fiscal responsibility. For starters, a digital store display keeps up with a ‘modern’ appearance in an age where technology is a central aspect. Furthermore, digital store displays grant interactive access to the customer. This allows even potential foot traffic to interface with your brand and gain information on it before actually entering the store. Gaining desired information on available products and their purpose and place helps preemptively produce a feeling of belonging and relationship with potential customers. Digital displays also grant you the flexibility both financially and in terms of time spent to easily change your store displays with current trends. Essentially, digital displays convert what traditionally is a renewing, variable cost (mannequins, props, etc.) into a fixed cost (the price of the digital display), all while reducing the time necessary to ensure a beautiful and engaging window display.

Tying it all together

If you have a physical storefront, window displays should be one of your top priorities. Is your store display eye capturing? Is it purposeful? Will it relate to your desired consumer base and their culture? Is it on par with other successful business in your market? These are all questions you should be constantly asking yourself. A great investment to make to show your concern over such a crucial aspect of your marketing is a digital store display. The convenience, beauty, sophistication, and cultural relativity of digital displays, combined with their impressively lower long-term costs, make them a must have for any serious business, new or old.