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Branding Display to Sales


Your displays are the backbone of your store. Meticulously organized and presented product is paramount to any successful retail operation; and everyone from the CEO to your customers knows it. Your store has to be more than just clean and well kept though; it needs to engage and interact with the brand on a level that spurs them to action. MagicInk can help you identify the right strategies to roll out when it comes to your branding display, and make sure that you’re connecting with your potential consumers well before they head up to your cash wrap.

 Brightening Your Store with Branding Displays

Once inside the store, these displays bring the merchandise to life. It allows the customer another view of the product, off the rack, and in a more dynamic environment. This allows retail stores to showcase their brand, and spark the imagination of their customers.

Kenneth Cole

Our Kenneth Cole installation at the historical Grand Central Terminal features a MagicWall consisting of 9 HD displays to boast larger than life messaging! Kenneth Cole wanted to use messaging to attract customers from the street into the store. Utilizing custom software and state of the art technology, Kenneth Cole was able to create a unique experience for their customers. With dynamic creative as the most effective form of messaging in the retail environment, Kenneth Cole has brought this historic location a new level of consumer appeal with the help of MagicInk Interactive.

Kenneth Cole Runway Display MagicInk Interactive


When Macy’s renovated the entire men’s active wear floor at their Herald Square location in New York, New York, Puma was given the opportunity to completely redo their entire shop. They were interested in creating several digital elements to give them a sleek and inviting edge that would allow them to showcase energetic marketing material as well as digital signage to separate their different categories. MagicInk Interactive was responsible for designing and executing the technology aspects as well as all creative development for the assets on all 12 of their store displays.

Click the image below to see Puma in action!

Puma Runway Display MagicInk Interactive

With the right retail store displays, you can connect your product to the consumer, and turn a browsing experience into a buying experience.

MagicInk Interactive gives your brand the edge to stand out and delight customers; Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you!