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Imagine yourself entering a store. There’s a sneaker display to your right, some sweatshirts to your left, the cash wrap in the center of the store. You make the rounds, maybe look at a price tag on a sweatshirt, or spin the sunglasses display to see if any styles that catch your attention, and when nothing is calling your name or demanding a purchase, you decide to move on. This is a common course of action for any consumer that is out and about shopping; browsing until you finally find that article of clothing, album, or pair of shoes that you connect with. You’re on the hunt for that connection, that impulse, that need to buy…and anything you don’t feel that connection with is something that you immediately move past from.

Are your retail store displays failing your brand?

Now that we’re done with that little exercise, think about your store and your consumers.

  • How many enter your store only to do a quick breeze through and then exit almost as quickly as they entered?
  • Even worse, How many consumers walk past your store each and every day, without so much as glancing at your products or offers on display?

It’s easy to chalk up this potential sale walking away as a consumer not interested in what you have to offer, but what if you could turn the tables?

Let’s do just that

Why not leverage retail store displays to connect your brand with your visitors, not the other way around? MagicInk Interactive can help you take your brand and your products to the next level. Our targeted efforts in your retail store include all creative and layout aspects. We provide the entire spectrum for your retail store display overhaul, from photoshoots, video and video feeds, flash animation, interactive design, and all manners of graphic design. We then would implement your new creative in the following areas to transform your store from one that attracts browsers, to one that attracts buyers.

Window display

Your window displays should communicate three key points; your brands style, your brands messaging, and cost. They can be leveraged for seasonal sales, or inform passers-by of your current promotions. In the process of restructuring your retail store display, the window display comes first. The more people we bring in, the more sales you’re going to see.

Steve Madden Window Displays with MagicInk Interactive

Want to see an example of a MagicInk Interactive clients window display? Click Here!

Interactive display

Our interactive display can equip your store with gesture and touch controlled interactive visual display systems. These are ideal for product advertising, retail merchandising, and point of sale promotions. These displays can be leveraged as an informative, multi-touch surface that provides an entertaining and interactive billboard or portal to multimedia content such as product info, advertising, or games! We told you we’d connect your brand to your visitors with your display didn’t we?

75 Rockefeller Interactive Displays with MagicInk Interactive

Want to see an example of a MagicInk Interactive clients interactive display? Click Here!

Branding display

Branding displays are going to bring your merchandise to life. We will give your customers a compelling view of your product, off the rack so that you can showcase your brand and styles in an informative, and conversion based, way. Our displays will help your potential customers identify and relate with the styles you have on display, and increase your interactivity and sales.


Want to see an example of MagicInk Interactive clients branding display? Click Here!

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