MagicInk Interactive


Wowing Customers with Window Displays

Think about the last time you were walking past a store. Did the windows entice you to even glance inside? Or was it just another run of the mill clothing store? Maybe a small sign indicating there was a sale. Like every other store, ever. Improving your traffic and sales starts with your window displays, and...

Boosting Sales with Interactive Displays

Let your retail store display interact with your customers on a whole new level How often are we tempted to touch something to learn more about the object? All the way back to when we were kids, this was a major factor in how we learned about something in our environment. That impulse doesn’t go...

Magic Card

Our premier marketing tool has finally arrived. The Magic Card combines print and digital elements to create the perfect mixed media tool – guaranteed to get your brand noticed. This card has many customizable elements from varying sizes of LCD screens, finishing options, pockets, magnetic closures, orientation, chapter buttons, and more! The battery powered screens...

Sound & Communications Feature

MagicInk Interactive has been featured in an article in the July 2014 issue of Sound & Communications, a national publication specializing in AV for systems integrators, contractors and consultants. The article highlights a recent installation for PUMA @ Macy’s Herald Square, New York. Entrusted to implement several digital solutions in PUMA’s new space, MagicInk also...

The Difference

The Difference between photography and taking pictures. The difference between art direction and placing pictures on a page. The difference between telling a story and shooting a video. MagicInk is the difference. We provide a menu of affordable and brilliant creative services. The end result in elevating your brand and creating demand. Let us help...

Transform Your Environment

MagicInk Interactive can transform any environment into an impactful, engaging and unique destination for permanent and temporary locations. Let us help design the perfect world for your brand.

Hugo Boss MagicWall

MagicInk Interactive teamed with Hugo Boss and Macy’s Herald Square to create a unique MagicWall brand experience that draws consumers to the Hugo Boss section.