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Boosting Sales with Interactive Displays


Let your retail store display interact with your customers on a whole new level

How often are we tempted to touch something to learn more about the object? All the way back to when we were kids, this was a major factor in how we learned about something in our environment. That impulse doesn’t go away the older we become, we just become more controlled, and less compulsive about our interactions. But what if we could use that impulse to drive brand awareness and sales? An Interactive Store Display can harness this impulse we humans tend to have, using it to introduce and connect customers with your brand on a whole new level.

So What are Interactive Store Displays

Gesture control interactive visual store display systems are ideal for product advertising, retail merchandising and point-of-sale promotions. These displays can be used as an informative multi-touch surface providing an entertaining interactive billboard or portal to multimedia content such as product info, advertising, or games. This allows a potential customer to connect with your brand on a deeper level.

Sean John

In Spring 2011, Sean “Diddy” Combs signed an exclusive distribution agreement between his fashion forward label, Sean John, and Macy’s Department store. To properly launch this partnership, Sean John wanted to add a unique and interactive experience to their Herald Square location in NYC and their Union Square Location in San Francisco, CA. MagicInk Interactive was contracted to install several MagicWall solutions for a life size video wall to enhance the brand and story as well as develop a touch screen application to give an interactive shopping experience to the customer. This was the first of its kind in Macy’s and they later rolled out the concept to several other locations.

Sean John Interactive Display MagicInk Interactive

Kenneth Cole

MagicInk Interactive teamed up with Kenneth Cole to put on a live stream fashion show event. Kenneth Cole wanted a way to include their senior staff in the Fall 2013 Market fashion show even if they could not physically be there. So, we custom engineered the perfect solution. Using unique software and hardware capabilities MagicInk was able to live stream the fashion show to the Kenneth Cole SoHo location, utilizing LED technology and installing two custom pop-up displays. Users were able to live tweet during the event and have their comments posted in real time on the fashion show interface.

Click the image below to see Kenneth Cole in action!

Kenneth Cole Interactive Display MagicInk Interactive


Using Interactive Store Displays will engage customers and give them a memorable experience with your brand, leading them to become brand ambassadors as they rave about their interactive experiences with your brand.

A true, centralized retail store display effort will focus on a multi angled effort, and MagicInk can help you put every piece of that puzzle into play. Check out how!